Concrete staining FAQ's

Concrete stain application on driveway

Does my concrete have to be new?

No, we can stain old concrete as well as new.  

Keep in mind that the concrete's condition affects the result and the price.  Cracks and large holes should be repaired.  If your concrete has been stained by oil or tree sap, etc, the coloration will be affected.

We love the challenge of working with any surface, and encourage you to keep an open mind.  Stained concrete  becomes art and the results are often more beautiful than you imagined, even with stains and cracks.

Can I have more than one color?

Yes, most staining projects incorporate at least two colors. The color options are extensive.  We listen to your vision for your project and make recommendations that will compliment your house and achieve your vision.

When will I be able to use my surface after the application?

We recommend you avoid walking or driving on your surface for 72 hours post application.  

Do you stain indoor concrete surfaces?

Absolutely!  Basements and high traffic areas are perfect for concrete staining.  For an industrial look, the entire house can be stained concrete.

We also offer commercial floor concrete staining.

How long does the concrete stain last?

The stain will last indefinitely.  Average sealer life and reaaplication is every 5 years.

Is the surface slick?

We consult with you regarding the surface usage and recommend the best sealer for your area. Most concrete surfaces require a non-slip sealer that minimizes risk of slippage.

However, as with any hard surface we recommend using extreme caution with children and the elderly.  Providing rugs and non-slip mats around entrances and exits will discourage accidents.