Why hire a professional painter for your interior painting project?

Everyone knows painting involves applying paint to a surface.

The result can look very good or very bad.  It can last a short time, or a long time.  It can be basically the look you wanted, or exacty what you hoped it would be. 

So what should you consider when hiring a professional to paint your home or business?


An experienced painter has knowledge in many areas related to painting.  A professional chooses the right product for your surface and reccommends the exact shade of greige you are looking for.  A professional painter knows more than paint.  He has extensive knowledge on surfaces and primers plus he knows how weather and different types of lighting can affect the results. 


A professional painter takes time to listen to you. Your vision becomes his vision and your project becomes his art.


A professional painter isn't in a hurry to get in and get out.  If your project has creative aspects or needs special attention, a professional will take the time to make sure every base is covered before he applies one drop of paint.  He asks questions and inspects every surface. He consults with his paint rep and educates himself on new products to make sure he can deliver the outcome his customer wants.


A professional will warranty his work. He knows he gave your project every consideration and has confidence to stand behind his delivery.  

References, Reviews & Samples

A professional painter will have a long list of clients who can attest to his work.  

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