Specialty Finishes

What is a Specialty Finish?

In the past, painting a home was primarily one-dimentional.  Residential new construction or repaints meant that a painter would apply one color to a surface to give the home-owner the desired look they wanted to achieve. 

Specialty or "faux" finishes came about when home owners wanted to give a unique, multi-dimentional look to their home.  

New construction home owners  often ask for a finish that looks "aged", whether on doors, lighting or metal trims around their home.

Some examples of specialty finishes include:


We can take a product made from virtually anything and add layers of paint and stain that result in a wood-look no one will ever suspect isn't actually wood!  This is achieved with multiple products, distressing, and colors.  

Concrete Staining

A simple concrete driveway or patio can become a beautiful compliment to your home.  We apply layers of color in specific designs to create a finish that you will love to come home to.

Rust-Look Patinas

From lights to eaves, garage doors to mantles you can have an aged look in your home.

These projects take time and patience to achieve the desired look, but the results are worth it!  No two projects ever look the same. 

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